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Cards For Good

Give a friend 25% off with your referral link, and we’ll
donate 5% of the sale to our Charity Of The Month.
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How It Works

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Introducing Our Partner Charity

Kitaid ship preloved football strips to poor children worldwide.

So far, they’ve helped over 700,000 kids play the beautiful game in suitable clothing!

5% of any sale made through your discount link will help Kitaid change lives.

Why Are We Doing This?

The truth is, "tell-a-friend" sales cost us less in marketing expenses. So in early 2021, we decided to share some of the savings with a different charity each month. Our chosen charities are using the power of football to make a difference in communities worldwide. So we couldn't be more excited to team up with our customers and support them this year.

The Small Print

Your unique discount link will give your friend a 25% discount on their CardsPlug purchase. .

For all purchases made using your link, we will donate 5% of the sale (excluding shipping) to our charity of the month.

To make sure your friend’s purchase qualifies for a donation, your friend must buy via the link you provided. If they use a different link or discount code, we might not be able to track the sale through our referral software.

Our donation for the previous month will equal 5% of the total revenue (excl. shipping) shown by our referral software partner for that month. The donation for sales made in the previous month will be made on the first working day of the following month.

We will keep you updated on our Cards For Good donations both on this page and via a monthly email update to subscribed users.

Together, we can make even more fans smile!

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